friends & benefits

This young concert series has come a long way over the last four years and for all the love and encouragement we have received along the way, we are incredibly grateful. However, in order for the project to grow, we need financial support as well.  This is why we’re looking for friends who are interested in becoming a more permanent part of the Mosaїque family!

Besides our eternal gratitude, here is, in detail, how Mosaïque will reward your contribution: 


If you donate…

up to 150 euros: you’re a Mosaïque SPARKLE FRIEND. The next time you come to Mosaïque event, you'll get a selfie with Chanda and Deirdre and have the photo posted on our FB and Instagram pages to show off to all of your other friends.

... 150 euros: Mosaïque’s SILKY SEASON PASS. Never order tickets online again, just show up and flash your card. How cool are you?

... 250 euros: Mosaïque’s SAPPHIRE SEASON PASS. In addition to your season pass, refresh your thirst buds with a glass of sekt before each concert AND arrive to find a carefully selected VIP seat in the audience reserved especially for you!

250 euros and up:  you’re a Mosaïque DIAMOND DARLING. Not only do you get a season pass and your name in the program as a Diamond Darling patron, but you can also reserve seats at any concerts you attend for you and yours, and we’ll get your group a bottle of bubbly in the interval free of charge.

Or sponsor us...

If you or your company would like to underwrite an entire Mosaïque program, with even more sparkling benefits than those listed above, please talk to us about becoming a BLACK ONYX sponsor.

How to give...

It's easy! And you'll look great doing it too. After carefully choosing the friendship level that best suits your personality (and/or budget), fill in the form below and go to your nearest bank or computer to transfer your money to us:


IBAN: AT79 2011 1827 1862 2200
Reference / Verwendungszweck: Mosaïque

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Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Friendship Level
(Because obviously we want to be yours!)

Alternatively, donations may be made in person at one of our events. Or by carrier pigeon upon request.