A Day at the Zoo

February 2, 2016

Melanie Henley Heyn, Soprano
Natalia Kawalek, Mezzo-soprano
Eszter Augusztinovicz, Violin
Raphael Handschuh, Viola
Chanda VanderHart, Piano
Christof Zellhofer, Cornet
Desiré DeVille, Burlesque
Bryan Benner, Zookeeper


Robert Schumann

Maurice Ravel


Tom Cipullo

Der Handschuh, Op. 87  (Friedrich von Schiller)

from Hístoires naturelles (Jules Renard)
Le paon
Le grillon
from Late Summer (Stanley Kunitz)
Touch me

"How the Monkey Looked for Trouble”,  ein Märchen aus Trinidad
adapted by Talespin (www.talespin.eu)
illustrations by Kyle Alkema

Erika Chun


Michael Flanders & Donald Swann

The Hippopotamus


William Bolcom

from Let Evening Come
Tis not that Dying hurts us so (Emily Dickenson)
Let Evening Come (Jane Kenyon)

Camille Saint-Saëns

from Le carnival des animaux
Der Schwann

Maurice Ravel 

from Hístoires naturelles
Le cygne
Le martin-pêcheur
La pintade

Bryan Benner

Ruei-Ran Wu

The Story of Ricki Ticki Tavi

"Zékéyé and the Little Tune", a tale from Camaroon
adapted by Talespin
illustrations by Nathalie Dieterlé